ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago is a software solution for automating large trading and production companies with a sophisticated distribution network. This software solution is used for managing FMCG sales departments and providing complex reports for analysis of operating results of the department, as well as for spotting development opportunities.

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago helps perform the following tasks:

  • automation of business processes of mobile trading and merchandising,
  • managing a distribution network,
  • planning and follow-up control of departments’ activities,
  • complex data analysis,
  • control of mobile employees.

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago offers various deployment options. This software solution is easily scalable: you can have any number of branches. Unlimited number of concurrent users. It is possible to integrate the software solution with almost any customer-provided ERP/AIS via either IT-specialists of the System Technologies Company or in-house customers’ IT department.

Mobile Module

ST-Sales Representative Extended

This software automates van selling, pre-selling, merchandising, and staff control.

ST-Sales Representative

This software automates pre-selling, merchandising, and staff control.


This software automates merchandising and staff control.

Office-Based Module

ST-Chicago (required module)

This module supports main distribution processes, helps plan, control and analyze SRs’ activities.

ST-Analytics (optional module)

This module contains tools for complex multidimensional analysis and report building.

ST-Replication (optional module)

This module unites branched network a single information system.

Deployment of ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago Software Solution

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago software solution automates branched distribution networks. Business processes of such companies are individual so 80% of cases require fine tuning of software the needs of a particular client.

ST-Mobile Trade. Chicago software is used by: Bacardi RUS, Kraft Foods Rus, ABI Product and other large network companies.

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