ST-Mobile Trade. Region

ST-Mobile Trade. Region

A software complex which is used for automation of local distribution and small retail networks (up to five branch offices). This software solution combines tools for both in-field and office staff (supervisors, analysts, top-management).

Office module

Office module is used for managing SRs and distribution sales analysis:

  • supports main distribution processes ;
  • provides control of in-field staff;
  • provides tools for data analysis and reporting.

Mobile module

This module is installed on to mobile devices and greatly simplifies en route activities:

  • sets the working standard ;
  • provides access to the necessary information;
  • automates calculations and accounting ;
  • provides on-line data exchange with your ERP system.

Implementation of the ‘ST-Mobile Trade. Region’ software complex

Cost and timelines of the implementation depend on both the type of ERP system used in the company and issues that the client wants to resolve using the software complex.